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Aug 7, 2019

With volatility returning to the market and many investors expecting a downturn, Tim Clift, chief investment strategist at Envestnet, said investors should look to rebalance portfolios to protect gains, be opportunistic buyers on dips but to mostly expect the market's volatility to amount to a flat ride through to the end of the year. That would leave 2019 as a double-digit gainer, he noted, so while flat doesn't sound good, holding onto current gains likely will keep investors satisfied, and it leaves room for the market to grow as it heads into the election year. Also on the show, Jimmy Hausberg and Michael Policar of HighTower Advisor discuss alternative investment types and diversifying from traditional allocations, with Hausberg favoring defined-outcome funds while Policar likes core private real estate. Leonard Wright of the American Institute of CPAs discussed investors' current levels of pleasure and pain, and Sandy Villere III of the Villere Funds talked stocks and concentrated portfolios in the Market Call.